“Prevention and kindness is the cornerstone of our dentistry”

We believe that children deserve a great dental experience too. We know many people suffer throughout their adult lives because of a bad experience at the dentist when they were younger.

Having a fun experience at the dentist early on in life will lead to less pain and less cost. At Neel Dentistry, we want to ensure that your children have great teeth for life and we have devised a young person’s treatment plan that prepares for their future.

Here at Neel dentistry we really want our young members to grow up without needing any dental restorations. It is important to learn good brushing techniques, diet advice and education about dental health.

We thus invite them to join our privilege plan.

For £9.75 a month the will be covered for:

Annual examination, 2 hygienist visits, 2 fluoride applications, diet analysis and oral hygiene advice, plus 10% off any required treatment as well as dental insurance.

We like to see parents and children together, as dentition is hereditary and we can gain a lot of information about the child’s dental future.

We see children under 6 for free examinations, over 6 years are £22.50 if not on the plan.

There are lots of new preventative treatment available to help children maintain their teeth for life. Our therapists are very experienced in treating children.

If you’d like to book an appointment to talk about dental care for your child, please call us on 01438 712 713.